It’s Because – The Geek x VRV


Lyrics are not available online.


I present yet another song falling in the category of deep house.  The Geek x VRV is a French electronic group and their style of sound consists of remixing older, iconic songs of funk and jazz.  Needless to say, I appreciate their sound.  This particular song makes good use of very small fragments and loops from songs long past — we have the saxophone, the older and somewhat crispier snare, a thick baseline, the works.  Arguably, the song lets me get a glimpse into what I suppose my parents used to enjoy back in the day.  More of The Geek x VRV’s songs can be found on Youtube, and the link has a playlist of their music.  There is an array of interesting work out there that they have made.  More often than not you should come across a remix such as this one, but now and then you can find remixes of more recent music.

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