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Jubel – Klingande



Save me
Save me
Save me

Save me

1 2 3 4
1 2 3 4

You think I don’t laugh
oh, do things I can like so,
why are we losing time

I don’t want to get
oh, bring me
what I need so, why
are we losing time

It’s like I’ve seen
the light but you
have never known


I have never been too familiar with Klingande, but they are a French deep house group, known namely for this very song.  About a year ago, I had come across several songs that a friend had playing on her computer and I asked for the title of the song.  Having never heard the title before, I asked for the artist, but that didn’t sound familiar as well.  I never had a penchant for other areas of electronic music aside from progressive house, but this new sound was worth looking into.  Apparently the style that’s present in “Jubel” is characteristic of deep house.   Somewhat easygoing but not too mellow, deep house is what I occasionally find myself listening to during the fall or spring when the foliage is nice.  Like many other songs of deep house, you can notice some funk in instrumentation and phrasing, and, of course, a solid beat.  In this case, the instrumentation of choice is the saxophone.  We all love saxophones.